SURFEIT Kick-Off Meeting

4th – 6th July 2023

British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge

The overall aim of the meeting will be to better understand atmospheric controls on the snow/ice life-cycle that affects Antarctic mass balance and sea level rise. The topics include model development, implementation, and evaluation of polar aerosol-cloud processes; uncertainties in model representation of Antarctic mass balance; changes in atmospheric circulation and the associated impact on Antarctic surface fluxes, and projections of ice mass changes due to ice-shelf hydrofracture, and other surface flux driven processes.

The workshop will be held at in the Conference Centre at the British Antarctic Survey, consisting of scientific talks and posters, plus open discussion in both plenary and smaller groups. 

Registration and abstract submission

The deadline for registration is TBD. Anyone requesting late registration should fill out the registration form and then email the workshop organisers; late registration will be at their discretion.

To register and submit an abstract, please click here: Registration form

The workshop programme is available here: Programme (Link)

Remote participation is available to registered participants. A map showing the location of British Antarctic Survey can be found here (link). For those attending the meeting in person, you will receive further information at BAS reception.

Accommodation and dinners

A block booking of rooms has been made at Churchill College. Reservations can be made by emailing the meeting organisers here. The deadline for reserving one of the rooms at Churchill College is Wednesday 31st May. 

A buffet lunch will be included on all three days.

There will be two dinners during the meeting. On Tuesday 4th July, there will be a dinner at Browns, and on Wednesday 5th July it will be at King’s College. Please make sure to respond to the relevant questions in the registration form if you would like to attend one or both dinners.

There will also be a punting tour around the Cambridge Colleges available on Tuesday starting at 6:30pm (TBC).

Information on how to get to Cambridge

From Stansted Airport

  • Direct bus, which takes around 50 minutes. More information here.
  • Direct train, which takes around an hour. More information here.

From Heathrow Airport

  • Bus, which takes around 2h30m. More information here.
  • Tube and Train, for which there are various route options. These also take around 2h30m.
    If you would like any help with this option, please get in touch with Romy.

From Central London, by train

From Cambridge Train Station to BAS

  • From Cambridge train station, you could either get a taxi to BAS, or get a bus. The ‘U’ bus stops a short walk away from BAS, at Phillipa Fawcett Drive. Information can be found here.

Travellers should be mindful of the possibility of scheduled rail strikes in the UK at this time, and plan accordingly.

Organising committee: Romy Hall, Louise Sime, Hua Lu, Amelie Kirchgaessner and Alexandra Weiss.