Science Objectives

Objective 1

To develop, implement, and evaluate missing polar aerosol-cloud processes in the UKESM earth system model: This will be the first-time aerosol from sea ice, alongside key sea ice flux processes, have been included in the UKESM model. This yields an opportunity to assess their surface flux impacts.

Objective 2

To assess the key uncertainties in atmospheric climate models and reanalyse products for Antarctica: Surface mass balance changes derived from these products currently cause a large uncertainty on the projection of Antarctic-derived sea level rise.

Objective 3

To investigate and characterise how changes in atmospheric circulation variability will impact Antarctic surface fluxes over the coming century: An improved physical understanding of flux changes and drivers is necessary to ensure confidence in our future Antarctic projections.

Objective 4

To develop improved projections of ice mass changes due to iceshelf hydrofracture, and other surface flux driven processes: Ice fracture may drive the bulk of Antarctic ice loss after 2100, so improving these projections may be the most significant objective of our programme.